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Submitting an Event


Fill out the form with the appropriate details. A pre-formatted event page will be created and submitted for review. Once the event is published, you'll be emailed a notification.


URLs and other format codes are valid within the Details section. If you want an image to accompany your event, please submit a Web Request form and upload the image after you have submitted this Event form. Remember to tell us which event your uploaded image applies to.


Start typing the NAME of the building containing the event. If the location is known to the system, the location detail will fill in automatically.

If the location is not known by the system, please complete the  location detail.

Important -- For the Location Name, enter the full detail of the location of your event: ROOM NUMBER - BUILDING, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

eg. 802 - General Services Building (GSB), University of Alberta, Edmonton AB


Your event will be visible in any roll-up view / calendar that matches a Category you select. You may select more than one Category. Press the CONTROL key and select each Category to associate your event with multiple Categories.


The event will be reviewed prior to publishing to the Calendar. The account used to create the event will be notified by email when the event is published.