ALES Policy – Valuing In-Kind Contributions

Many research applications, researchers will be asked to include a budget amount for the in-kind contributions of the researchers conducting the research. The Faculty of ALES has assessed its various costs and that of its Departments and infrastructure, and calculated a standard in-kind amount for Faculty of ALES researchers that can be used in funding applications that require it.

Process for Adding In-Kind Contributions

  • The standard amount is $385,000 per year.
  • If a researcher spends less than 100 % of his/her time on a project, the $385,000 per year can be modified accordingly, as illustrated in the examples below.
  • If a researcher spends 10 % of his/her time on a project, list $38,500 per year under Government In-Kind. If a researcher spends 20 % of his/her time, list $77,000 per year.
  • Include the following commentary in budget justification when submitting research applications.
  • The in-kind support of $385,000 (or portion) is the average cost per faculty member to conduct research in the Faculty of ALES, University of Alberta, for a year. This amount includes faculty salary and benefits and facility costs (utilities, maintenance, security, insurance) that are not covered by overhead or direct research charges.