ALES Finance – Located on the 6th Floor, GSB East

The ALES Finance team is responsible for providing clients with assistance on invoice payments, travel and expense claims, reconciling, internal and external billings, clearing over-expenditures and all day to day financial needs. ALES Finance sets the overall policy direction in order to maintain compliance in all areas of finance within the Faculty.

Year-End/Upcoming Deadlines
Upcoming Changes/Events

ALES - Purchasing & Payment Needs

Includes appropriate methods for all purchase and payment needs.

ALES - SupplyNet Information

Learn how to access SupplyNet and create PO’s using this fully capable electronic web application.

ALES - Corporate Card Inquiries

Learn how and when to use your corporate Card, responsibility, & how to reconcile monthly statements.

ALES - Travel and Expense Information

Find links to forms and instructions on how to complete expense claims for employees and non-employees.

ALES - Fund Management Inquiries

Contact your finance administrator and learn how to manage your grants, create new applications, make amendment requests, request extensions & more.

ALES Finance Contacts

Information can be found here.