ALES – SupplyNet Information

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SupplyNet allows you to purchase and pay for goods and services and includes;

  • Allowing users to “shop” approved online catalogues for preferred suppliers.
  • Adding items to a shopping cart.
  • Submit requisitions for electronic approval and automatic creation of purchase orders.
  • Electronic receipt of goods and services.
  • Invoice payment.

SupplyNet Access forms can be found here.

SupplyNet Training

The following link provides detailed training for both internal users and approversSupplyNet Training

Using the User Reference Guide for Ordering Goods and Services you will learn how to;

  • Requester Setup Options
  • Approver Setup Options
  • Entering a Request to Online Catalogue Supplier
  • Entering a Freeform Request
  • Review Cart, Complete & Submit Requisition
  • Manage Requisitions
  • Approving a Requisition (Budget Owner, Proxy, or Sub-Delegate)
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Entering Requisitions with Special Requirements
  • Troubleshooting