ALES Policy – Research Grant Contributions

When applying to outside agencies for funding, we may find sponsors want to confirm that their Department, Faculty or University is committed to the proposed research, and willing to support it. In these cases, a letter from the Department Chair, Dean or Associate Dean Research, can be used to explain why the research is important. The applicant’s budget should detail the value of the in-kind contributions being provided by the University. In some cases the Faculty is asked to provide cash support to research grants.

Applications will be considered only from individuals in tenure track positions in the Faculty of ALES.

Faculty Contributions (In-Kind)
The following commentary can be included in budget justifications to explain the University of Alberta in-kind contribution. “The in-kind support of $385,000 (or portion) is the average cost per faculty member to conduct research in the Faculty of ALES, University of Alberta, for a year, including faculty salary and benefits, and facility costs (including utilities, maintenance, security, insurance) that are not covered by overhead or direct research charges.”

In some situations, additional in-kind support is provided by the University of Alberta, and this should be reflected in the applications and letters of support.

Faculty Contributions (Cash Support)
The Faculty of ALES is not a funding agency, and is unable to provide research grants. In exceptional circumstances, such as a high profile grant or where the sponsor requires a cash contribution, the Faculty of ALES may use discretionary funds to contribute to a research grant. The Faculty will consider what funds are available and the benefits to the Faculty in deciding whether to make a contribution.

Application Process
Applications can be submitted at any time. Submit via email to the Associate Dean Research with a proposal containing the following:

• Total amount requested from the Faculty and time over which the amount is requested.
• How this award will help grow or strengthen a broader research program in the faculty.
• If matching is required, and other organizations are eligible to provide this matching, which organizations were approached and their responses.
• Which other faculty members will benefit from this research grant.
• How many graduate students will be supported.
• Whether cash contributions are required, and are being provided, from the applicant’s Department and the University of Alberta, or only the Faculty of ALES.

Decision Making
Decisions will be made by the Dean.

If the Faculty commits to providing support for a grant, notify the Associate Dean Research as soon as notification about the outcome (positive or negative) of the competition has been received.