Research Team

The research team of the Faculty of ALES offers the following services to faculty members and researchers:

  • provides information on funding opportunities, ethics, grant processing, deadlines, and sponsor guidelines,
  • reviews grants and agreements, and
  • facilitates adjudication and ranking of grant applications

Research Team Deadlines for Faculty Review and Approval of Research Applications

Research applications should be submitted to ALES Research Team 8 days before the agency deadline to ensure adequate time to review. Please ensure appropriate University of Alberta and agency signature pages and letters of support are included in the application.


David Bressler
Associate Dean Research
780 492 3405


Sarah Gooding
ALES Research Manager
780-492-8313 or
780-964-5722 (cell)


Chris Kazala
Research Coordinator (Dept. of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science)


Marina Offengenden
Research Coordinator (Dept. of Human Ecology, Resource Economics &
Environmental Sociology, Renewable Resources)