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Faculty Annual Report (FAR)

As of May 2018 ALES has moved to an online Annual Report system (FAR). All Continuing Academic Staff and FSO’s are required to use this system to provide an annual report for annual review. Please see below for a guide to assist you as you transition to this new report format. All information will be saved as you move through the report

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Annual Reporting Key Dates

September 30, 2023 Faculty Members - last day to submit report
October 15, 2023 Chair & Leadership - last day to submit report
December 22, 2023 Department Chair Recommendations - last day to submit
December 23, 2023 FAR opens up to FEC for review


FEC Meeting Dates

October 19, 2023 Probation, Tenure and Sabbatical Approval Meeting
November 24, 2023 Reconsideration Meeting (if required)
January 18 & 19, 2024 Annual Review/Increments Meeting
March 7, 2024 Reconsideration Meeting (if required)

Promotion and Tenure

Academic Tenure and Promotion at the University of Alberta is governed by the collective agreement. The collective agreement can be found on the link below.

Additional information regarding the University of Alberta and ALES policies around ALES Faculty Evaluation Committee:

Faculty Evaluation Committee Annual Reports


FEC Committee Chair Vic Adamowicz, Vice-Dean
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science Chair Heather Bruce
Human Ecology Chair Rhonda Breitkreuz
Renewable Resources Chair Nadir Erbilgin
Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology Chair John Parkins
External Representative,
President Review Committee
Louis Francescutti (June 30, 2026)
External FSO Representative,
Provost and Vice-President Academic
Eric Flaim
External ATSEC Representative Karsten Loepelmann
FEC Admin Byron Flores

Elected Members

Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science Catherine Chan June 2024
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science Spencer Proctor June 2025
Human Ecology Anne Bissonnette June 2024
Renewable Resources Scott Nielsen June 2024
Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology Feng Qiu June 2026