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Submissions & Inquiries

  • required information forms for employees (new, re-hires, and extensions)
  • required information forms for all GRAFs, GRA, and GTAs
  • speedcode changes
  • ccid creation for visitors
  • Pay Action Forms (PAFs)

Staff Service Centre (SSC)

Inquires on

  • payroll
  • paycheques
  • time entry
  • benefits
  • employment verification letters
  • employee appraisals


Misty Wilson, Human Resources Service Partner (HRSP) -

Advisement on

  • recruitment inquiries
  • performance management
  • labour relations
  • collective agreement interpretation


UofA Immigration Services

Foreign Visitor Category Assessment for international postdocs
*first initiated by UofA SSC Immigration, once completed follow up with aleshr with required information forms