HR Policies

The Human Resources environment at the University of Alberta is governed by a set of policies and agreements pertaining to different employee groups.

UAPPOL – a central repository of University of Alberta policies and procedures including: Human Resources, Finance, Health and Safety, Information Management, Research, Academic policies etc.

Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) Collective Agreement – this collective agreement governs the employment relationship between the University and employees classified as support staff.

  • Academic
    • Continuing Staff – collective agreements in this category include: Administrative Professional Officers (APOs), Faculty, Faculty Service Officer, and Librarian.
    • Temporary Staff – collective agreements in this category include: Academic Teaching Staff, Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff, and Trust/Research Academic Staff.
  • Management and Professional Staff (Excluded) – employees under this category are excluded from a collective agreement and are not represented by a union.
  • Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement – this collective agreement applies to graduate student appointments including Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), Graduate Research Associates (GRAs), and GRAFs.

UAPPOL Policies/Procedures and both Academic and Non-Academic Collective Agreements can be found on the following links,

Employees belonging to the NASA Collective Agreement are represented by the NASA Union. NASA works directly with Human Resource Services in the resolution of employee relations matters.
Employees belonging to any of the Academic Collective Agreements are represented by Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA). The University has a separate entity known as Faculty and Staff Relations who provide guidance on the Academic Collective Agreements and works with Human Resource Services on employee relations matters related
to Academic staff.

Below are some useful links to Federal and Provincial laws and acts that govern the employment relationship and form the basis for the Academic and Non-Academic Collective Agreements.